Business Cases and Business Plans

We will prepare business cases and business plans for you, esp. the financial parts, including proposed optimal financing.

Calculation of Return on Investment

We will calculate various options of the return on your investment; for example, a comparison between a loan and a lease.

Pitches to Investors

We will pitch your business plans to banks and/or private investors. We can act as your advisors or you can also give us a mandate (Power of Attorney) to act on your behalf.

Cost Analysis

In today's ever-increasing competition and downward price pressure, success is often hidden in a company's ability to manage its costs, to optimize the cost structure, and to eliminate inefficient expenditures unnecessary for the business.

If you think there is room for improvement in your business, we'll help you find it, identify it, manage it, and eliminate it.

Contract Optimization

For your largest contracts, we will be happy to find their optimal execution by:

  • finding the corresponding legal framework and a clean relationship with the underlying legislation (the choice of the right type of an agreement considering the nature of the transaction).
  • timing the contract and its execution to eliminate negative tax impacts to the highest possible degree.

Designing the Internal Accounting Model

We will be happy to design the methodology of your internal accounting system to make the information necessary for your management decision-making available as quickly as possible.

Information Systems and Implementation

In our opinion, success lies in timely and correct information, its up-to-date nature, and easy accessibility.

We believe the key to this success is based on the quality of information and data-sorting based on user needs.

We will be happy to help you with the following steps in designing information flows:

  • formulating the compact set of requirements for an information system (data sorting, output format, optimal accounting schedule, document management);
  • setting the criteria for the choice of a suitable information system to meet your needs.