We are licensed under Act Nr. 36/1967 Coll. on Appraisers and Interpreters, as amended. We work as appraisers in business and the following special areas:

  • Appraisals and valuations – enterprise valuations, shareholding valuations
  • Expert opinions on accounting records
  • Expert opinions in taxation

Appraisals and valuations of enterprises and shareholdings are often necessary for reasons defined by the Commercial Code, e.g. during company transitions and shareholding transfers. Coordinating the project management with the activities of an Appraiser expedites the process of preparing and closing these operations.

There are also frequent situations in which it helps to know the valuation of a company (or its part) whenever significant capital operations are being prepared, such as the entry/exit of a shareholder, the valuation of a liquidation surplus etc.

Account and tax appraisals help find solutions to complex and controversial issues arising out of significant capital operations.