Outsourced Bookkeeping

Focus on your core business and products. Leave the Bookkeeping to us.

Today's world is very complex. The pressure on the speed and quality of delivery is enormous, and competition keeps growing. If a company wants to succeed in this tough environment, it has to get rid of all activities taking its attention away from its core business and fundamental products.

For this reason, we have come up with a new product: outsourcing company accounting departments.

  • Do you feel the information flows need improving?
  • Does the working style of your accounting department no longer suit you?
  • Do you conclude your professional focus doesn't allow you to verify compliance with legislation at your accounting department?
  • You believe improvements can be made to tax optimization and the financial execution of key contracts? Do you struggle with staff complications at the financial department?

If you are dealing with any of those questions, our product is right for you. You'll resolve all those problems with one step by outsourcing your accounting department.

Once given the mandate from you, we will take over the activities of your accounting department completely, supplying our staff who will work on-site for you. There will be no "optical" change for you. You can see your accountant, communicate with him or her without changing your habits. Our mandate covers the whole work done by the accounting department, the formats and frequency of reports and other outputs, accountability for errors, and deadlines for filings with external users (the government, banks and other institutions). Staff issues are covered in the mandate in detail as well.

The methodology supervision over the accounting department is also detailed in the mandate, and consultations are given in case of unusual and/or complex accounting transactions. You can also request value-added services, such as a permanent supervision by a tax and accounting specialists, contract optimization or regular financial analysis. We are also able to work using your own information system. Our top-quality team receives training on regular basis and offers all the professions necessary to perform these [cross-sectional] jobs (accounting assistants, qualified accountants, chartered accountants, tax advisors and auditors).

If the problem you face is that your information system is no longer suitable, we can also help you in this situation. Either we help you choose a new one or -if go for Helios Orange- we can become your vendor and implementer, taking over your company's accounting department, as explained above.

But we can work with you just as well if you are happy with your information system. We can work in the following environments:

  • Helios Orange
  • QI
  • Twist Inspire
  • Altus Vario
  • Pohoda

We have vast experience with this highly demanding service. Our references include:

  • Eprin, s.r.o.
  • C & K a.s.
  • Plast Brno, spol. s r.o.

If you find this option attractive, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to answer your questions in person, show you our background and our intellectual potential. Together, we'll find the optimal arrangement between ourselves.

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