Accounting and Payrolls

Complete accounting processing, including payroll processing and final outputs. Online accounting.

  • Bookkeeping

    We offer complete accounting processing (double and simple), including processing of payrolls and final outputs within the annual financial statements (tax return, profit and loss statement, balance sheet, appendix and, if necessary, cash flow statement and annual report for legal entities and tax return and statement of assets and liabilities for natural persons).

  • Payroll processing

    Payrolls are provided by our payroll accountants primarily from all our facilities in Brno, Prague and Jihlava. As part of outsourcing, however, we are able to work as efficiently as possible and process your salaries from anywhere and directly at your company.

  • On-Line Accounting

    Online sharing of accounting data. Operation of accounting systems on our servers. » Our Services » Accounting and Payrolls