We offer complete accounting processing (double and simple), including processing of payrolls and final outputs within the annual financial statements (tax return, profit and loss statement, balance sheet, appendix and, if necessary, cash flow statement and annual report for legal entities and tax return and statement of assets and liabilities for natural persons).

Our computing technology allows us to process all data in-house. If and when larger companies require accounting records to be processed on-site, we are ready to do so.

We can also collaborate on-line using Helios Orange. This collaboration requires an on-site processing of certain agendas (e.g. invoicing and treasury) by the client. Through regular data integration (daily/weekly), databases on the client site and our site get synchronised – the client receives processed accounting records from the previous batch and we receive a new batch of accounting documents to be processed. We started using this technology in 2001, allowing us to also issue invoices (based on documents received from clients) and arrange financing.