SM-DATA a.s. Company

It is important to know who you are dealing with. We are pleased that you are interested in our services and also in our history.


Karel Smetana started his accounting practice as a sole proprietor in 1991, and built SM-DATA® into a highly respected financial advisory service. Later on, SM-DATA® expanded into management and financial consultancy, designing analytical modules for accounting and financial software houses, and hotline support in the area of finance and accounting. Karel Smetana was certified as auditor in 1997.


The company has moved into its own premises. The move allowed it to greatly intensify its technical solutions and investments into technology. Having purchased a license for MS-SQL, we continue to develop technologies based around this platform. It allows us to absorb and sort more and more information, provide 21st century customer service, and grow productivity. On-line access through the Internet is a given.


Professional development is where we see our future, which is why we continue investing in this area. We are also expanding our portfolio in book-keeping, accountancy, audit and tax advisory services.

In the area of accounting, we work side-by-side with clients Helios Orange. This environment, running on top of MS-SQL, provides a direct on-line link with our customers. We are ready to take over all the functions of an internal accounting department (including invoicing and bank reconciliation). We will soon be able to deploy this technology to go fully electronic, including the integration of accounting documents received from suppliers. This phase only depends on how fast the electronic signature and related communication spreads in the Czech Republic.

In the area of processing taxes, we strive for on-line communication with the tax authorities using signature keys (we are fully equipped for this option). It delivers better quality of the entire tax agenda of our customers, making it more efficient and quicker. Once we receive a Power of Attorney from a client, all of our processes become faster and more effective. We continue developing our add-on services related to accounting, tax, contract optimisation, information system improvements (including pre-purchase and implementation consultancy). Along with our partners, we provide turn-key advisory for mergers and acquisitions (M&A). We design the full exit or merger scenario, the timeline and deadlines, and we take care of the ensuing accounting, tax and registration problems. » About Us » SM-DATA a.s. Company