Virtual Accounting Office

Using artificial intelligence, robotics, integration and optimization, we help speed up and simplify work processes.

The virtual accounting office automates most manual processes, displays processed documents in all situations and has extensive search capabilities. It is designed for sole traders and large companies. The virtual accounting office is fully integrated with the accounting program (eg POHODA). Processed documents are stored in a database and, if necessary, on disk.

Automatic reading of documents

All important information is extracted automatically.

  • Intelligent extraction of information from documents.
  • Use of artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • No need to set up reading templates.
  • Reads received invoices, issued invoices, cash documents and bank statements.

Automatic preparation of accounting data

Thanks to a 100% connection to the accounting program, it obtains and prepares all the necessary codes and code lists. It also uses accounting and algorithms to prepare accounting pre-accounts.

  • Pairs partner code, VAT codes and all other needed codes.
  • Prepares all necessary dials.
  • Prepares pre-contacts. He will also suggest possible variants of pre-contacts for possible manual adjustment.

Automatic archiving

Against the background of previous processes, it performs automatic archiving of the document, including the accounting guide.

  • Archiving in the form of files to disk.
  • Archiving to secure storage on the Internet (eg Dropbox). » Our Services » Virtual Accounting Office