Helios Orange

Helios Orange is a technologically advanced information and economic software streamlining all common and highly specialized business processes.

Helios Orange is an advanced information and accounting software solution that makes all routine and highly specialized company processes more efficient. It gives you a perfect and up-to-date overview of both the market and your company, automates routine entries, makes operations more efficient, cuts costs, and enhances communication. It has assisted management at various companies in managing all critical functions, including CRM. Find out how you can benefit from Helios Orange!

Benefits for Small Companies

Small companies enjoy the analytical scope of the information system without any customization or additional development, thus avoiding cost increases and implementation time. One of the biggest advantages of the system for small companies is that they only get the modules they really need, minimizing the investment into the IT system. As the company grows, special modules and add-ons of Helios Orange can be added, and the number of users increased.

Benefits for Medium-Sized Companies

Medium-sized companies enjoy the number of specialized modules and add-ons to cover company processes no matter what their business is. The system can be customized to the specific needs and requirements of each company. To implement the system correctly, we and our authorized partners offer trained, certified consultants, who are ready to address user requirements and questions in all industries.

Advanced Technology for Everyone

The client/server technology on which this ERP is built ensures sufficient data stability and security for all types of companies. The exclusive use of the MS SQL server delivers maximum speed and unlimited work with the data saved. Medium-sized companies enjoy the robustness of the system, the quality of the [database machine] and other tools supplied by Microsoft along with MS SQL. Small companies will appreciate the timeless nature of this information system, and the use of the MSDE [database machine] will cut the costs necessary to purchase the system.

A Complex Information and Accounting System Offering a Number of Industry-Specific Solutions

Any industry or business area is unique, and requires specific functionality of the system. We therefore do our best to customize it to the needs of individual clients. Development partners at Asseco Solutions penetrate many industries, gather hands-on experience, follow current trends, and create highly specialized modules. Nowadays, Helios Orange covers a broad range of industries and provides great user comfort and fast access to information required for your correct decisions.

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