On-Line Accounting - Information for the financial department

Remote access to Bookkeeping.


  • You enter the primary documents (invoices, receipt and release notes, cash receipts) and print them directly out of Helios Orange and our accountants can process them immediately.
  • Clients always have access to data, they can work with them at any time, there is no need to ask the accounting firm to send specific reports, such as the summary of unpaid invoices.
  • Client can assess their data from various locations, such as the shop, warehouse, branches, home or even on vacation.
  • There is no delay of the flow of documents on the path of entry-accounting record-payment-account summary.
  • Helios Orange can handle the communication protocols of all Czech banks – statements are downloaded and integrated into the system quickly.
  • The client organization can also create payment orders and import them straight from the information system into its bank.
  • Also the client's operating agendas (inventories, logistics, intrastat, production, CRM) can be managed via remote access
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