Our company has declared a Quality Strategy (the goals of which are under the link "Service Quality Strategy"), resulting in TOP SERVICE, a project to help us design and implement a unique programme of certified education of our staff on all levels of accounting and audit.

The goal of the project is to create 10 jobs which we intend to integrate in the certified continuous education program as part of company training. The result of the two-year process will be a top team whose individual members will possess certificates of accounting assistants, chartered accountants, or an accounting expert.

We have found a partner for our TOP SERVICE programme in the Institute of the Union of Accountants a.s. in Prague. We chose this partner due to the top quality of the members of its teaching staff and also for the broad recognition of the quality of the certification system for accounting education, and its full comparability and compatibility with educational systems abroad.

Once the project is completed, our entire team will be able to demonstrate a unique qualification in the industry, which will be a substantial competitive advantage both in the Czech Republic and abroad. This will lay the necessary basis for successful activities of the team abroad.

The following are further examples of the international recognition of certificates:

  • In 1999, the European Management Accountants Association (EMAA) recognized the Chartered Accountant as the equivalent to "Bilanzbuchhalter" in EMAA member countries (Austria, Germany, Switzerland). This declaration forms an to the above certificate.
  • In 2001, the French Institute of Chartered Accountants (Ordre des Experts-Comptables – OEC) analysed the certification system of accountants in the Czech Republic and compared it to the requirements of EU Council Directive 2008/8, the recommendations of IFAC (IEG 2, 9 a 11 a Study No. 1) and the Policy Recommendation of UNCTAD (the main requirements for national qualification of the accounting profession UNCTAD/ITE/EDS/9, United Nations, 1999). The verdict issued by the OEC confirms the compliance of the Czech system with the above reference materials in all its substantial attributes.
  • The Union of Accountants keeps cooperating closely with ACCA, which drives the development of accounting on a worldwide scale and has over 170,000 members active in 180 countries. ACCA guarantees the high level of the system of certifying accountants in the Czech Republic and facilitates its further growth. In 2001, a joint declaration was signed on the mutual recognition of examinations by ACCA and the Union of Accountants. A number of examinations are accepted by the ACCA as holders of certificates from the Union of Accountants join the ACCA system.

TOP SERVICE received a grant from the Czech government and the European Social Fund in 2006. The project includes Trade Wind s.r.o. as project partner, as well as A.D.P. net, s.r.o. and Vladimír Pavlíček as subcontractors.

During the process of the TOP SERVICE application submission and approval, we realized and confirmed that we would be able to help our clients complete their applications for EU structural funds. Feel free to get in touch with us about those applications.

We will also welcome job seekers, wanting to work in a team, eager to receive further education and work hard following the criteria you can find under Careers. TOP SERVICE is going to drive our fast grow, and we will be in need of high-quality colleagues. » About Us » Projects » Project TOP SERVIS